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    Scandicci / Italy

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    Working to redefine the way luxury lighting is conceived and made, Terzani has been combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology since it was founded in Florence in 1972.
    Sergio Terzani’s original vision was to create handmade lighting that blurs the lines between art, luxury and design. The resulting pieces are sculptural and beautiful, upholding longstanding traditions of metal and glass work, with a meticulous eye for design detail. Sergio’s son, Nicolas Terzani, joined the company as CEO and, with input from his father, has continued to innovate with the creation of the Terzani Lab, where new lighting ideas can be developed and tested. While many of the designs are created in-house by Terzani’s experienced design team, they also collaborate with renowned designers like Dodo Arlsan, Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava, Studio 14 e Luca Martorano e Mattia Albicini.
    Terzani has developed three distinct collections, each expressing a different approach to this signature combination of traditional handcraftsmanship and technical innovation. For the “Memory” collection, Sergio Terzani enlisted the help of renowned Parisian designer Jean-Francois Crochet.
    Using traditional materials like iron, wood and scavo glass, Crochet’s lighting collection is warm and inviting, offering a unique bridge from the past to the present. The Terzani “Design” collection expresses the company’s commitment to innovation – it merges the artisan traditions that define Terzani with cutting-edge technological advances. The resulting pieces are fresh, unique and push established boundaries. Finally, “Precious” truly elevates lighting design to an art form. It uses rare and precious materials in startling and innovative ways to create luxurious heritage light sculptures that define new traditions in Italian and craftsmanship. With these collections – and Terzani’s commitment to continued innovation – it’s clear that Terzani has succeed in its brand mission of staying rooted in past artisan traditions while continuing to create new lighting directions for the future.

    Since the beginning, Terzani has always viewed esthetics as a way of interpreting natural and artistic beauty. Born in Florence, Italy -- the cradle of the Renaissance -- the company was compelled to follow the creative invocations of the city. The word "esthetics" originates from the greek “aisthesis” which means “feeling” or, more precisely, knowledge created by the use of one's senses. When you look at a Terzani design, you can sense how its light enchantingly envelops the surrounding space. It's more than simply a practical, utilitarian design -- it's an esthetic that represents a modern and artistic beauty through the use of design and innovative technologies.
    Terzani creations are always inspired by the dialogue between the company and the designers themselves. The pieces are born from a compelling feeling Nicolas articulates to his designers. This inspiration can be a shape that exists in nature, as you can see with the fish that inspired “I Lucci Argentati”; or the stones/drops of water that inspired “Mizu”; or a material or working method that attracts his attention. With the team of designers that work with the company, a project will be executed with all the necessary technical diligence, but the starting point that defines any Terzani light is always a feeling.
    To create a style like what we at Terzani have established, you need to balance several characteristics. Terzani is elegant and sophisticated, innovative yet original. It uses the latest technology, but also incorporates fine materials crafted in a very artisan way. Each lamp is an object/sculpture that is meant to be fully integrated into its surroundings, spreading a charming and enchanting play of light. This creates an ever-changing dialogue between the lamp and the space around it.

    The feeling that Terzani exudes is one of harmony and togetherness. Its products are grounded in the human process, transmitting the handmade artisan traditions of lovingly crafting objects piece by piece. This is the essence of Terzani, which sees beauty in the contemporary world, tradition and the search for new forms and languages. For all these reasons, the company is growing and has expanded its exports to a growing number of countries. ... More ... less

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