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  1. Siemens

    MILANO / Italy

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    Siemens is a part of BSH.
    BSH Hausger?te GmbH is one of the world's leading companies in the sector and the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe. Driven by the individual customer needs of people all over the world, BSH aspires to continuously improve the quality of life for people with its outstanding brands, innovative products and top-class solutions.

    Successful all over the world

    Founded in 1967 as a joint venture of Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart) and Siemens AG (Munich), BSH has been 100 percent owned by Bosch Group since January 2015. Over its 50-year history, BSH has grown from a German exporter into the world's second-largest home appliance manufacturer. With more than 58,000 employees worldwide, BSH increased its revenue in 2016 to around 13.1 billion euros. BSH produces the entire range of modern home appliances at around 41 factories worldwide. The product ranges from cookers, ovens and extractor hoods, dishwashers, washers and dryers, fridges and freezers to small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, coffee machines or food processors. With Home Connect, BSH offers a cross-brand platform as the basis for a rapidly growing ecosystem of connected home appliances and customer-centric services for a special future experience in the kitchen.


    The consumer is at the center of all of BSH's developments. The company's aim is to improve their quality of life. In user experience labs set up specifically for this purpose, BSH repeatedly puts prototypes and products through their paces daily under real-life conditions in all phases of development. The results are thus constantly incorporated into the development of new BSH home appliances, leading to products and solutions that precisely meet the needs of consumers worldwide: innovative home appliances with outstanding quality and reliability, characterized not only by intelligent design, user friendliness and energy efficiency, but also practical additional benefits from the options offered by the connected world.

    Technology for everyday life

    The dividing lines between kitchen and living space are becoming increasingly blurred, and people are keen to show off what they've got. Now that the kitchen is no longer a purely functional space, consumers want their home appliances to come with a whole new look and feel – like the faceted dial of the latest lightControl range, reminiscent of state-of-theart hi-fi systems, and oven doors that look remarkably like LC displays. Many architectural visions of recent years would never have made it off the drawing board without the development of new home appliances. The entirely pedestal-free kitchen, for example, only became a reality in 2010 thanks to the Siemens speedMatic modular dishwasher. Siemens is responding to the current minimalist trend by offering products such as the new LC956BB60 slimline wall-mounted cooker hood, and dishwashers featuring the varioHinge, which minimizes gaps for seamless kitchen design.

    Environmental and price awareness

    The second driving force behind the home appliances market is the increasing cost of electricity, combined with growing environmental awareness. According to a representative survey conducted by the GfK market research group in 2007, 59 percent of people planning to purchase new home appliances expressed a preference for products with low energy consumption. This trend is reflected in recent sales figures: the super-efficient eco PLUS appliances have proven a sure source of revenue for Siemens over the last few years. Siemens is without doubt leading the way when it comes to saving electricity and water, holding many world records for appliances such as the speedMatic ecoStar and ecoStar2 dishwashers. ... More ... less

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