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  1. Materium: Attention to Detail, Material Experimentation

    The new collections of table and wall clocks

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    Materium: Attention to Detail, Material Experimentation
    21/05/2019 - Attention to detail, material experimentation: Materium, a young Apulian brand, launches its new collections of table and wall clocks. Each object is defined by the use of natural materials, made unique through a production process that uses technology and Made in Italy craftsmanship.

    Wood in different finishes, valuable marble handmade by capable artisan, precious metal finishes such as polished chrome, black nickel and gold bath to 24 kt make the precious watches furnishings can be placed in environments that want to convey elegance, status and class. The new table and wall clocks were presented in Milan at Salone del Mobile: 
    TIC-TAC, design Gennaro Lucarelli TIC-TAC


    This clock is made of two essential geometric shapes, namely the cone and the circumference, assembled together to form a playful element. In other words, it is a simple composition characterized by meaning and elegance.

    TIMELESS, design Gennaro Lucarelli  TIMLESS


    This is a clock that reminds of the purity of the circumference, which is a geometric form which perfectly defines timepieces. TIMELESS is a linear and elegant clock, a perfect combination of geometry and materials. The  hardwood handcrafted by expert cabinet makers and the curved metal finished with elegant colours, make TIMELESS a unique and indeed timeless watch.

    RAINBOW, design Gennaro Lucarelli RAINBOW


    This is a small table clock with a refined but funny design. The concept of this clock is inspired by the circumference arc that encloses the cover with the mechanism and this, thanks to the brightness of the metallic finishes, reminds of a rainbow.

    ISTANTE, design Gennaro Lucarelli  ISTANTE


    ISTANTE is a medium-sized wall clock characterized by an open circumference at one o’clock and two o'clock. The clock has an axis that connects the cover with the clock hands to the wall-fixing element, which is in hardwood and rigorously handmade.

    SATURNO, design Leonardo Mercurio SATURNO


    Saturno is a table clock whose inspiration as the name implies is that of the planet, a clock like a sculpture, designed to be placed in any type of space. The clock is characterized by two main elements: the hands and the structural ring that holds the whole object together. The hands are made of wood or mdf subsequently painted.

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