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  1. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair's Logo

    Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

    05-09 February 2019 / Sweden, Stockholm




    Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

    Örsjö Belysning's Red Stand Reminds Us to Be Green
    Offecct: Built on Research and Sustainability
    A Journey through Danish History and Culture
    Kasthall and the 'Soul of Nature'
    Brunner Injects Life and Comfort into Contract Spaces
    BAUX Acoustic Pulp: Harmless for Us, Harmless for the Environment
    NOTE for Vestre's Nordic Stand at SFF
    Blå Station's Bob Family Grows + Spirited Röhsska Chair
    Integrating Greenery into Your Life
    10 Years of Pedrali at SFF
    Versatile, Comfortable Seating Solutions
    Nikari's Academic Approach
    Kristiina Lassus' Knots of Tradition
    A New Dimension in Alfi Soft
    Organic Material Inspirations by Woodnotes
    How to Find Private Space at Work
    Flos Lights Up the Stage at SFF
    Enea Lands in Stockholm
    State of Nature: Umbellifer Chandeliers
    Aesthetic Functionality in Karl Andersson's New Designs
    Award-Winning Chips and Valencia City Slicker
    The Three Dimensional World of Magis
    GTV at Stockholm Furniture Fair
    MS&Wood: Classical Carpentry Meets Advanced Technology
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