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  1. Salone del mobile's Logo

    Salone del mobile

    09-14 April 2019 / Italy, Milan



    Fiera Milano
    Fiera Milano

    Salone del mobile

    Outdoor Inside-Out: Walrus by Extremis
    Storagemilano for Potocco
    Tribù's Enveloping Outdoor Experience
    ‘Designing the Unexpected’: Eugeni Quitllet for Desalto
    What Would You Make of Your Islands?
    Costume by Stefan Diez: Sustainability Is Simplicity
    Technological Wood by Alias
    Zanotta: Urban Passion
    Eclectic Meets Mediterranean Baroque
    Gloria: A Different Dress for Every Occasion
    Atal by ALKI for Flexible Workspaces
    Genea by atelier oï
    Saul: Versatility Is Key
    Philippe Starck + Glas Italia: Design Dematerialized
    Sustainable Felt: Nuances by Patricia Urquiola
    Michael Anastassiades with B&B Italia
    David Chipperfield, Stefan Diez and Philipp Mainzer for e15
    Return of the 416 Series
    The COR Salon at Milano Design Week
    A Domestic Atmosphere Open to New Horizons
    New releases and continuity with the past
    Linvisibile at MDW
    Ubikubi. A showcase of smart crafted furniture
    'Lost In Space' by Adrenalina


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