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  1. Salone del mobile's Logo

    Salone del mobile

    09-14 April 2019 / Italy, Milan



    Fiera Milano
    Fiera Milano

    Salone del mobile

    Opinion Ciatti, where Symbols Meet Thoughts
    Soft Contours, Essential Lines
    Passoni Design and atelier oï
    Gold Reflections and Incisive Black Marks
    Big Game: A Smart Outdoors
    Eugeni Quitllet and Vondom: Nature Meets Artifice
    Mix & Match Project: Roda's New Collections
    The Outdoors by Potocco
    Emma by Monica Armani: One Weave, Infinite Possibilities
    Elio by Tribù: Warm and Natural Nuances
    ADDIT Redefines the Sofa Landscape
    Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Talenti
    Flex by Manutti: Lightness and Solidity
    Flexform Presents Its First Outdoor Collection
    Neat Chromatics, Retro Vibes
    Softline: Three New Shades of Comfort
    David Lopez Quincoces for Lema
    Distortions and Frescos: Nature According to Inkiostro Bianco
    Visual Symmetry, Ergonomics and Sustainability
    Sometimes you Get the Chance to Sit in a Work of Art
    Design Meets Fine Art of Craftsmanship and Comfort
    Quadra: Warm Minimalism, Rigorous Geometries
    Japanese Aesthetics Colored in New Hues
    Urquiola to Levien: Kettal's Latest Collaborations


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