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  1. Salone del mobile's Logo

    Salone del mobile

    09-14 April 2019 / Italy, Milan



    Fiera Milano
    Fiera Milano

    Salone del mobile

    Jaime Hayon + BD Barcelona: Playful, Scultpural, Functional
    Samu by Segis. Linear and Versatile
    Notorious Collection by Marioni
    Poltrona Frau: Travels in the History of Design
    Vibieffe presents the E_volution 2019 collection
    Flou. A Bright Experience
    Soft Colors, Fluid Architecture
    A Touch of Color for the Outdoors
    New Gervasoni Collection Designed by Paola Navone
    Home, Contract and Outdoor
    Neil Twist by Jean Marie Massaud: Gritty, Versatile, Essential
    Living Spaces by Gallotti&Radice
    Nap, a Place to Take a Break
    Materium: Attention to Detail, Material Experimentation
    My Home Collection: Geometry and Minimalism
    The Outdoors According to Emu
    Modular, Playful, Colorful: The Nidi Collections
    Nativ: Organic and Primordial Lines
    Backstitch by Raw-Edges: Explore the Reverse
    A 'Modernist House' by Former / Busnelli
    The Latest from B-LINE in Contract, Home and Office
    'A Journey into the World of Living Spaces'
    Land by Naoto Fukasawa: Expression and Fluidity
    A Tribute to Carlo De Carli by Tacchini


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