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  1. Maison&Objet January's Logo

    Maison&Objet January

    17-21 January 2020 / France, Paris




    Maison&Objet January

    Sebastian Herkner + Ligne Roset
    Stylistic Allure and Color Inspirations
    Arpel Lighting at M&O
    Antoniolupi. Matter and Minimalism
    MissoniHome: Art, Nature and Precious Textures
    In the Name of Decor, Material, Color
    Editions Serge Mouille Reissued Tuyau Lamp
    Kundesign. Inspired by Nature
    New 2020 collection by Sits
    Antonio Citterio for Maxalto
    The New Gervasoni Outdoor Division
    A Journey in Nature, Colour, Art and Design
    Paper Clay Scenarios Inspired by Nature
    Soul Soft by Pedrali at M&O
    'Light You Like' by Martinelli Luce
    Eclectic and Timeless Design by Ana Roque Interiors
    Tablet Collection: Identity and Integration
    Meridiani at Maison&Objet 2020
    A Festive Parade of Hyper-Colored Crystal
    Wink Chair: A Dancing Eye in Charleston Dress
    The Versatility of Wood
    From Suprematism to the Bauhaus
    l’Opificio at M&O. Endless Tactile Dimensions
    Profile Collection: Graphic and Minimal Look
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