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  1. Maison&Objet September's Logo

    Maison&Objet September

    06-10 September 2019 / France, Paris




    Maison&Objet September

    Take A Way. The Moon in a Bucket of Water
    Gencork Becomes Bigger and Greener
    Fermob in Clay Grey, Ice Mint and Frosted Lemon
    New Solutions for Tomorrow’s Working Spaces
    Lamps Resembling a Mobile Art Sculpture
    Sculptures or Furnishings?
    Nature as a source of inspiration
    Spoons for Paris
    A Journey Between Art, Design, Fashion and Architecture
    Omexco Presents Portfolio at M&O
    Paper Clay Inspired by Nature
    From Paris Streets to New-Zealand Wool
    Minimalism and a Touch of Rebellion
    DIZY: Pieces to Assemble, Furniture to Invent!
    Carpets Inspired by Art Deco and Constructivism
    Jaipur Rugs + Matteo Cibic
    Surrealism and Creativity: Qeeboo at M&O
    Urban Life @ Kundesign
    Billards Toulet: A New Dimension of the Game
    Altezza, the Bed in Continuous Evolution
    Textural Canvas: Slubbed, Soft, with a Natural Embossed Effect
    Paris in a New Light Too
    Play and Grow
    Warm Nude Tones for Living and Contract Areas
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