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  1. IMM Cologne's Logo

    IMM Cologne

    14-20 January 2019 / Germany, Cologne




    IMM Cologne

    Soft Textiles and Colorful Sound-Absorbing Panels
    Minotti Set Up Presented in Cologne
    Five Rooms Interprets the Lapalma Universe
    De Sede: The Art of Leather
    Material Alchemy
    Sit in Simple Comfort
    Sturdy yet Light: Ava Balances Tradition and Innovation
    Das Haus 2019: Step into your Mood
    'Fluid Transitions': Prostoria at Imm Cologne 2019
    Philippe Nigro + Novamobili
    Color Your Home Schönbuch
    Modernist but Also Modern: e15 + David Chipperfield
    Moulding Fabric and Form
    Warm Colors and Precious Materials: Flexform at IMM
    Informal Lines and Braid Mélange
    Verner Panton’s Bells Get a Makeover
    Geometries, Overlays, Colors
    1819-2019: Thonet Celebrates 200 Years of History
    Diaphragms: Project, Objects, Environments
    No Flash: Podgy Pendant by PWTBS Inspired by Photography
    Sophisticated or Mischievous? Radis Has Both
    90 Years of Kitchen Expertise, Illustrated in Three Style Collections
    Desalto @ Imm Cologne 2019
    Talenti Outdoor at IMM Cologne
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