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  1. BAU's Logo


    14-19 January 2019 / Germany, Munich





    Designer handles at BAU
    "L'architettura per le mani" at BAU
    Aparici Presents Expressions at BAU 2019
    The Wearing Effect of Time
    50 Years of Alucobond®
    Revestech @ BAU 2019
    FerroFinestra W75 TB at Bau 2019 in Munich
    Marbled or three-dimensional effect for OmniDecor Glass
    Profilitec at BAU 2019
    ECLISSE presents three new products at BAU 2019
    Convex: New Colors, Finishes and Trends for Handles
    Renson Launches its First Solar-Powered ‘Fixscreen Solar’ for Retrofitting
    Invisidoors: Sleek and Seamless
    Constant Innovation
    LISTONE GIORDANO: every wood surface, every form of genius
    NPS® System by Tecnostrutture at BAU in Munich
    Optics, Haptics, Acoustics: Vorwerk Launches New Sonic Tiles
    Sunlight in New Dimensions
    Performed to Nuance
    Grey Can Be Colorful!
    Future Visions in Glass
    Chemolli Fire supports Barausse in certification of new products for USA and Europe
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